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BE 11d build 7170 - Need to upgrade agents?

Level 4
we're planning an upgrade to 11d build 7170 (from 6235).  arranging a downtime to upgrade the backup server is fairly simple.  however, upgrading the clients will take some time.
question:  MUST we upgrade the the agents to build 7170 at the same time?  or can we hold this off, until we can arrange for the downtimes?

Level 6
The agents don't HAVE to be upgraded at the same time, though obiously the sooner you do upgrade them the sooner you'll get the benefits. )

Level 3
The agents don't need ugrading. The changes in build 7170 are mainly around Exchange 2007 and since it is a new build of the software rather than a new release there won't be any incompatabilities with things like Windows Protection Agents. The license keys remain the same as well.

Level 4
thank you both!

Level 3
I have done what you are planning to do.  And, I will be doing more of what you are planning to do.  I have 80+ BE servers across the WAN.  Don't be surprised if you get errors if you don't update the agents.  I have been working with Symantec support to fine tune our best practice for migrating from 11d 6235 on Windows Server 2003 to 11d rev 7170.  The best practice includes pushing the agents, rebooting the agents after the push, and creating all new selection lists, policies, or jobs.  When this is followed, it takes a long time, but the sailing is smooth in the long run.