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BE 12.0 and Domino 8.5 - Any luck backing up?

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Greetings, my first time posting on here.  I've tried searching and found quite a few topics on getting 12.5 to work with Domino 8.5, but nothing really on 12.0.  I know Domino 8.5 isn't supported by 12 but we pushed a Domino 8.5 install onto our production server before realizing that the thing wouldn't back-up, oversight during an exceptionally busy past few weeks (relocating buildings by Jan 1st, going with VoIP and now this...all during the holidays...yep.  Good times).

I've tried several different methods - Using the Domino based Agent, AOFO and no Agent what-so-ever.  All of them begin backing up and get to approximately 100Gb then hang there and eventually hit the auto-cancel time limit and cancel out, typically it was backing up in about 5 hours (120gb).  I've pushed the time to 11 for the test backups over the past week but its still hitting it.  Also gave the registry key fixes a try that are suggested when using BE 12.5 to see if that would help.  No success still.  Been trying different things over the past few weeks, running attempted full (mailfile db) backups of the Domino server after the typical incremental daily backups have ran.  Short of taking domino down for a few hours, so that none of the files are locked being the next step.  Anyone have any thoughts/different ideas I can try over here?  Or had success backing up without killing domino for a night?  Or are looking at having to upgrade?

Servers are all: Win Server 2003 (32bit)
Everything worked great prior, running Domino 8.0.1
(was told to upgrade, to 8.0.1 FP1...when we had been installing Client 8.5 FP1 on new builds/upgrading clients, funny how numbers tend to all fade together and get mixxed up when theres a time crunch going on) 


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Have you tried this:

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Hi there,

  Yes, I've done those registry fixes and ran the backups still with no success.

  We're curious if perhaps its the compression of the Domino DB's that may/may not be the issue with Domino 8.5.  Typically once one of our backup jobs were hitting approx 135-140Gb, it would hang/auto cancel so we've begun splitting the job over 3 tapes (1 File Server - Share Folder / 1 File Server - User Drives / 1 Mail Server - All DBs).  So what we're going to try tonight is with the Domino backup, instead of it being mainly on 1 tape is to backup ONLY the mailfiles split onto 3 tapes in 1/3rds (obviously) just to see what happens.  Its really making me scratch my head cause the testing backup jobs I was running last week were backing up to about 100-101Gb of just Domino DB's and then hitting the 8hr cancel mark.  So if that is the case, and its not compressing like it did...then hopefully this'll work.  I'll update later if it does - be running the job tonight.

Thanks for the help Dev (try), its appreciated man  :)

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For anyone curious, this worked.  Domino 8.5 is backing up with BE12.0 - All it took was splitting the job over 2 tapes, apparently it was too large.