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BE 12.5 CPS and DFS on Windows 2003

Level 4
Partner Accredited

I am in need of some advice. I have a customer which uses Windows 2003 DFS to replicate branch office data (4 sites)  to a central server in thier HQ, from where the data can be backed up. The data is now too big to backup in the allowable window using BEWS directly to tape.
Customer has the abililty to use CPS to do away with the need to do a big backup once a week or so. They also like the idea of being able to do version tracking, user restores, etc..

I've not used CPS for a while, and need to know if protecting a business server with multiple DFS replicas on it is possible using CPS. Getting rid of DFS isnt feasible as its also being used to guarantee data availabilty, but his is all about getting data onto tape quickly. I would use the BEWS server to then Backup CPS to tape.

Also if there are any gotcha's please indicate as appropriate.