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BE 12.5 SP3 - not accepting Remote Agent license

Level 2

Have been using BE for awhile now, backing up local machine, no issues.

Wanted to expand and periodically backup files from another server (Win 2003), purchased a Remote Agent Server license, installed (shows up as an installed license)...

When I go to start a backup job for the remote server, I get the error:

Backup 00188 -- The job failed with the following error: Before you can back up this resource, you must purchase and install a license key for the appropriate Backup Exec agent. See the job log for details.

I have tried reinstalling the license, and reinstalling the Remote Agent on the server (multiple times)

Is there anything I might be missing?


Level 2
nevermind, resolved with a couple restarts and a lot of swearing

Level 3
 Be sure that your license cover the number of clients to backup, restar the engine and do some test. Also uninstall and re-install the correct client again (x86, x64).
See the logs and paste them here.

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