BE 12.5 after successful oracle db backup, I get errors 34327 34326 34338

I am running BE 12.5 (updates current) on Windows 2003 EE SP2. I am backing up Oracle 10G db using BERA gui. Regular drives backs up ok. When backing up the oracle db, the backup is successful BUT I get OBDC errors (34338) from media server and accompanying errors in the EV and the oracle backup for restore is empty.  

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Refer to this

Refer to this document..


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Refer these KB for Event ID: error 34327 and Event ID:        34338


Kiran and Maheshroja, Thanks

Kiran and Maheshroja, Thanks for the info. I checked my upgrade level and I was already SP4. Tech77817 did the job for me. No more OBDC error after the rebuild of catalog index. Strange the cat DB schema did not upgrade when I upgraded from 10D to 12.5. Many thanks for the help. 


That is what described in

That is what described in Solution C of TECH59749


error backup oracle databases


To me something like this happening, the errors only come when
I'm making a backup of oracle database, the backups do not send me other errors.
And once the backups, when I try to restore the database I get empty the selection of databases.
10G is the oracle version for windows.