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BE 15 NDMP Option: Poor ratios in restores

Level 4
Partner Accredited Certified

Hello all,


I have seen many posts in the forum on this topic, but I am still with some problems in one of our clients that has the following infrastructure:


CGC Ambiente BE15 V2 - copia.png

In this environment is only company performs various jobs to support the data stored in different volumes of the NetApp Filer and poured onto tape.

This environment is composed of:

  • Backup Exec Server 15 FP1 (Build 14.2.11801162 )
  • Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard (full installation) Service Pack 1 64-bit (Virtual Machine)
  • NetApp Filer Release 8.2 .3P3 & -Mode.
  • Robotics Library 3G HP MSL LTO4 (It is connected by direct to FC storage.)

There were several troubleshooting, including disabling the DAR.

The restore 00031 corresponds to the option to disable "Enable Direct Access Recovery", the restore 00032 corresponds to the enable option. It seems to me that the restore 00031 runs through the entire tape, the other option does not.

JOBs Restoers_0.png

Ratios are very poor, taking into account that the bookstore is connected directly to the NetApp ...

Honestly, I have always be implemented with the bookstore or destination connected to the BE Server, but it is my first time in an environment like this.. Some idea because you can come the low performance in the restorations?

Attach restore jobs logs.

Since already thank you for any comment, council or a way to see if it is a problem of BE or the hardware itself.