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BE 15 cluster resources

Level 1

We have two backup exec servers. One a fresh install (Windows Server 2012 R2) and the other upgraded from 2012 (Windows Server 2008 R2). On the fresh install we cannot see our cluster resources (When you click on a cluster in the Backup and Restore tab, the details window is blank).

After opening a case and going back and forth for about two weeks I was told the feature for seeing cluster resources and backing them up was deprecated. And that we need to setup backup jobs for the primary nodes to backup clusters. No information was given on what to do if primary node switches.

I then upgraded our other backup exec server to 15 and I was able to see the resources with no issue. I know that this important feature for managing backups of clusters was not deprecated. Has anyone else experienced any similar issue? 


Level 3

Yes, you are correct cluster support has not been depricated.This looks to be a SQL cluster that your are trying to protect, correct?

So what version of Backup Exec are you using for the clean install? What version was upgraded? Are they both BE 15?