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BE 15 having issues running 2 jobs at once

Level 4

Dedicated BE server dual processor xeons quad core with 20 gigs of ram. LTO 5 Super Loader 3 and md1000 raid with 3TB storage. Server 2008 Standard. My backup system has been rock stable for about 2 year now without issue. I have 20 jobs, 12 are tape jobs and 8 are to b2d in case of the need for quick restore. I upgraded my system to 15 July 3rd and came back on monday to The raid full and the backupexec manager service shutdown. For some reason the backup job on the media server decided to backup the raid (to itself) even though I have that drive specifically exempt. I  chalked this up to me not going through each job to verify the job settings though after doing this all settings were as they were supposed to be.  


During the week the jobs locked up alltogether. 2 jobs, 1 backing up my fp server to tape and the other b2d of one of my utility servers had basically stalled after backing up 50 and 30 gigs. Job log lists backing up, time is still counting up but no active file or directory is listed in the job log and both the raid and the tape drive are idle. I installed the new update on thursday and pushed out the new agents to see if this was perhaps an issue that was fixed but had the same problem thursday night. Friday I decided to try splitting up the jobs. Put all the b2d jobs on hold and Everything ran as expected. I was actually surprised that the new update appeared to shave about 6 hours off my tape jobs. Removed hold one the b2d jobs and they ran as expected.​


This leads me to believe that the issue has to do with running 2 jobs at the same time which 2014 did not have an issue with.





Partner    VIP    Accredited there a job concurrency setting that has not been changed during the upgrade perhaps?


Level 4

Only concurrent option I can find is concurrent write sessions for the md1000 which I have set at 1. All we have is a gigabit network running on some older cisco switches. 4507re core switch in the data room. Didn't want to run more then 2 jobs at a time and flood the pipe the media server has to that switch since it is only a single cable.

Level 4

Took the jobs off of hold and monday night all jobs finished as expected but then last night I had the same issue again. Backup server and file print server jobs locked up.


sgmon is playing:1 BESERVER 3920 7/15/2015 12:38:25 PM 3924 -1 SetServiceStatus: state: SERVICE_RUNNING check point: 0 wait hint: 0
2 BESERVER 3920 7/15/2015 12:38:26 PM 2032 -1 CLoadBalancer::LoadConfigurationParameters() setting BAL_IGNORE_POTENTIAL_JOB_OVERLOAD
3 BESERVER 3920 7/15/2015 12:38:26 PM 2032 -1 CLoadBalancer::LoadConfigurationParameters() setting m_bCASOandSSO = true
4 BESERVER 3920 7/15/2015 12:38:28 PM 3984 -1 ActiveState::doStatusEvent('mdstvvfp01-Backup 00069-Incremental'): JobStatus=16 OperationStatus=1 EngineStatus=0 ActiveResourceContainerID=C5C54588-EA0F-4008-911D-E5BF75A6AFE0 AbortStatus=0
5 BESERVER 3920 7/15/2015 12:38:28 PM 3988 -1 ActiveState::doStatusEvent('mdstvutil04.neptune.local Backup 00096-Differential'): JobStatus=16 OperationStatus=0 EngineStatus=19 ActiveResourceContainerID=1A22FE74-0345-439D-AD41-3C91361916BA AbortStatus=0

over and over again. going to try having the backup server job done in the morning to see if it is something specific with that job.


Just an addendum since it has been a year.

i got tired of the issues and the time it was taking to fix this so I ended up rolling back to 2012. I had and have no issues with be 2012 so there must be something specific to our environment that be15 does not like. We will be upgrading our servers "soon" and at that time will will try giving be16 a go.

Hi, thanks for your update. Please let us know how it goes. Hopefully BE16 will just work, but if not maybe we can work it out to a better conclusion.