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BE 20.6 Troubleshooting SMTP issues


I'm looking for information about troubleshooting email notification errors in BE 20.6. 

It was working for a very long time, until I changed the server settings to Gmail ( port 587, since BE 20.6 can use TLS).

Not only did that not work, but then when I changed the settings back to the way they were, the ones that were working for a long time, now that doesn't work either. I restarted the BE services, doesn't help. I deleted the recipients and added them in again, no go.

Isn't there any debugging / troubleshooting info available other than the "a test notification has been queued for delivery to the selected recipient" message???

Thanks in advance.

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Re: BE 20.6 Troubleshooting SMTP issues

Backup Exec 21.1 Tech Preview includes enhanced SMTP over TLS notification support. You can apply for the BE 21.1 tech preview using this link.


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