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BE 2010 AVVI ESXConsole.vmdk vsphere

I have BE 2010 installed and can backup vms from a SAN vmfs but, cannot "see" the virtualized console on the local drives of the ESX server.  With vSphere the ESX linux based OS is now virtualized as a vmdk file (that is /var / /home /etc ....etc...). 

In the past I've used the RALUS agent on ESX 3.5.   How does it work on BE2010 w/ vSphere?  I temporarily allowed all inbound ports open thinking maybe firewall and also am using the root account. 

Anyone have an idea?  Thanks, Tom
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 BE has never backed up the

 BE has never backed up the service console or physical host (BE12.5), only the virtual guests and now the template files (in BE2010).