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BE 2010 Backup Method

Hi there,
We have Backup Exec 2010.
I want to backup VMDK, but not enough free space in vDisk.
Backup method, before storage, and then carries the BE server's disk.
I just want to back up to the BE server disk.
What can I do.
Bizim bir Backup Exec 2010 var.
Ben VMDK yedekleme istiyorum, fakat vdisk içinde yeterli boş alan yok.
Yedekleme metodu, önce storage, sonra BE server diske taşımaktadır.
Ben sadece BE sunucu diskine yedeklemek istiyorum.
Ne yapabilirim.
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Backup Exec 2010 uses the

Backup Exec 2010 uses the VMware vStorage Backup API to create snapshots of the VMDK files and then continues to use the API to transfer the data to the backup storage device (i.e. disk on Backup server or tape on badckup server)

As such if you do not have enough space for the snapshot to be created then you will be running into a limitation of your VMware environment and need to resolve this condition to allow Backup Exec funcation.