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BE 2010 - Duplicate Tapes

Level 4

we're using BE 11d now and we want to upgrade our landscape to BE2010.
The only thing we are missing on 11d is, we've got no chance to duplicate a whole tape!


SAP Landscape > BE11d SAP Agent > BE11d Server > NetApp VTL (Virtual Tape Library)
This way runs every night! We're using a VTL because 2 LTO4 drives can not handle the data over night!

Now we want to duplicate the VTL Tape into a real LTO4 Tape. (Mo-Th Online Backup, Fr Offline Backup (5 days, 4 weeks))
The only way to duplicate a tape in BE11d is over 'resources' or 'mediums', but that will not work for us.
I don't wanna resources and if i use medium, i must plan the duplication for every day new!

I if add a duplication over medium, that will work for one time, after a rewrite the VTL Tape, BE11d says it don't find the medium (it seems the index is overwritten)
I have to plan the duplication from VTL to LTO every day for every tape. But this is no solution!

Hope anyone understand my problem!

Is there a way in BE2010 to duplicate tapes (over barcode), not resources or mediums?
Wanna dup every monday tape (FR1234), tuesday tape (FR1235), wednesday tape (FR1236), thursday tape (FR1237), friday tape (FR1238) to different LTO4 tapes!

Any way?

Thanks and Regards,

Employee Accredited Certified
Well as a barcode and a Media (Medium) mean exactly the same thing to Backup Exec in terms of how media is identified and handled I am not 100% sure what your are asking.

You choices for duplicating the data are
1) Run a Duplicate Job immediately after the job that writes to your VTL
- This option will mean you have to run a duplicate job every day, but is easier to ensure that the VTL media is still present and has not been overwritten by another job - you can also easily configure this in one policy / job sequence covering all the days of the week.
2) Schedule your duplicate job from VTL to real tape so that it runs at some later date / time after all the daily jobs have run instead of immediately after the VTL backup job (but uses a single tape or set of tapes for all days as one backup)
- This needs you to get your media overwrite protection sorted so that the VTL media from the first day cannot be overwritten before the duplicate job has run., but still uses a single policy or sequence of jobs. However the data from each day will not be on a unique tape or set of tapes which would appear to not meet your requirements.
3) Schedule a separate duplicate job for each day to run at a later point in time instead of immediately after the job
- This needs you to get your overwrite protection correct so that no media can be overwriteen before the duplicates have run, and will require a separate policy / sequence of jobs (for each day) so that the duplicate can use it's own tape for each day and be scheduled for when you want it to run.

Level 4
Hi and thanks for your answer,

1) We're using SAP Agent controlled jobs, at this way, we cannot plan a Duplicate Job immediately after.
2) If we want to use this way, we have to connect the Tape Library with the VTL. This works, but this takes us the option to run jobs directly to the Physical Tape Library!
3) That's right, but we have to schedule the duplication job for everyday. We want to schedule all the duplication jobs one time!

Maybe I was misunderstood:

The overwrite protection is set correct. One server has a separate partition with 5 slots and tapes and the overwrite protection is set to 6 days.
That means, everyday from Mo-Fr there is only one tape which can be overwritten!

 So if we schedule now 5 duplicate jobs for this server, for everyday one job, after the 5 jobs are finished, this works for one week. 
(That means, I only can schedule a duplicate job after the backup job is finished!)

For example:

 Mo. VTL-Tape VT1001 > Ph.-Tape PH1001
 Tu.  VTL-Tape VT1002 > Ph.-Tape PH1002
 We. VTL-Tape VT1003 > Ph.-Tape PH1003
 Th.  VTL-Tape VT1004 > Ph.-Tape PH1004
 Fr.   VTL-Tape VT1005 > Ph.-Tape PH1005

Now next week, the VTL-Tapes will be overwrite: (VTL-Tapes are the same, Ph-Tapes not)

 Mo. VTL-Tape VT1001 > Ph.-Tape PH2001
 Tu.  VTL-Tape VT1002 > Ph.-Tape PH2002
 We. VTL-Tape VT1003 > Ph.-Tape PH2003
 Th.  VTL-Tape VT1004 > Ph.-Tape PH2004
 Fr.   VTL-Tape VT1005 > Ph.-Tape PH2005

But now, all 5 scheduled jobs are not working, because the content (index?) of the media has changed! (VTL-Tapes are overwritten)
It seems BE11d couldn't find the informations which I have given to the jobs!

I hope you understand my problem now.

Thanks and Regards,