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BE 2010 R2 remote agent install failure

Level 5
When updating the remote agent via local install, the final dialog stated that the install failed. Looking through the log I found the error "Unable to set Bin path." What do I need to do to correct this. It was an update, so the path to the binaries should have already existed. The version listed in the remote agent dialog is 4164, which is the new version. When the options dialog is opened, it states that it can't publish.

Level 6
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It was not able to publish it properly. Uninstall the raws and reboot the server, make sure it get uninstalled from the registry as well. If it doesn't get uninstalled then use windows cleanup utility. Then do a clean install of raws and make sure you put the right BE server to publish it.

Level 5
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If the last error says that it can not publish then there are chances that the remote agent got installed, so on the remote server check,

1. if the Backup Exec Remote Agent Service is present and running.
2. go to Start->programs->Symantec Backup Exec and try opening Remote Agent Console.
3. If you are able to verify both the above step without any errors then you can go to Publishing tab of the remote agent console and add the Backup Exec server name manually there.

Level 5
The event log showed that the RA service timed out when starting, but no error was logged.  Working with support, we found the RA utility sometimes failed to close and left zombie processes.  After terminating all of those, we were able to start the RA service.
I thought this was a PEBKAC error, but after he finished laughing the tech said he's experienced this before with the RA.