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BE 2010 R3 LT03 drive slow write

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HI there,


I recently replaced both the SCSI PCI card and the IBM LT03 drive as they both caused issues, the drive was completely faulty and both items got replaced, since then on the Backup Exec 2010 R3 side the write speeds to the new drive has been very very slow, I only see a maximum speed of 7MB/min happening and with previous drive the average was 400-500 MB/min and sometimes much higher. no config changes done and nothing particular changed, windows OS based drivers installed as per picking up the new device.

AM I missing something? was has the performance degraded like this? I see its setup for "WORM" scenario, I looked into documentation regarding "tune" of the IBM drives in BE to get better results that has not helped at all.


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Use tapeinst.exec to install Symantec drivers.

Make sure Backup Exec is updated to the latest patches. There have been several tape drive issues addressed in the latest service packs.

Have you tried a full power cycle of the tape drive?

1. Power Off the Server completely 
2. Power off the Tape Drive then 
3. Power on the Tape Drive  wait till it is at a 'Ready' State then
4. Power on the Server

also look for Window Events for System Errors: Event ID's 5,7,9,11,15  errors point to hardware issues

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Unless you're using WORM media, you might have an issue as listed below:

BE 2010 R3 SP3 seems to have fixed this, so make sure that BE 2010 R3 SP4 is installed and try again.

You can also look at upgrading the firmware on the SCSI card and the tape drive. Alternatively, download the IBM tape utility, stop the BE services and run a write test on the drive to see what sort of speeds you get.


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Make sure that the new HBA does not support RAID.  There is only limited support for HBA with RAID support.  See this document

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Thanks for great feedback all I will try the recommendations and get back to you. time is not on my side right now so cannot action anything. will get back to you soonest.