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BE 2010 licensing help please...

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I´m need some help with getting the BE2010 licensing correct for our windowsenviroment.
We have used BE since v8 and upgraded to every new version, but now when doing a licensereview I find that we might not have the correct licenses after upgrading to BE 2010.

Current licenses:
BE 2010 Mediaserver - x1
Agent for Windows systems - x1
Agent for Sharepoint - x1
Agent for MS SQL - x1
Desktop- Laptop option - x150 (15x10)


Server A W2k8 - BE 2010 Mediaserver

Server B W2k8R2 DC - HyperV

Server C W2k8R2 DC - Sharepoint 2008 (agent for Sharepoint server)

Server D W2k3 Storageserver -

Server E W2k3 - MS SQL 2005 (agent for MS SQL)

Laptops - ca 130

My question is, do I need a AWS-license for the BE 2010 Mediaserver and how many AWS-licenses in total do I need?
The HyperV-agent is allready on the buyinglist, the question is the AWS-agents. 


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No, the Backup Exec Server includes the Remote Agent for Windows Servers for that machine. Every agent (AD, Exchange, SQL,...) also includes one Remote Agent. So besides your application agents, you need one RAWS for the Storage Server, and you already got it. So in my opinion your licensing is fine, after you bought the Agent for Hyper-V, if you plan to do backups of the virtual machines in it.

Level 3

Thanks, I was afraid I counted the number of AWS-licenses completly wrong.
Especially as my salesrep. told me I needed to buy one AWS-license per server.

If I understand you correctly the HyperV-, Sharepoint, and SQL-agents all include one AWS-license each?
That would make it a whole lot easier (and cheaper).

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Yes, your Sharepoint and SQL Agent include one RAWS. Only the Hyper-V includes unlimited RAWS for your VIRTUAL machines it is hosting and one for the physical machine itself.

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Sharepoint and SQL Agent has 1 AWS each which can be used for the same server.

eg:- Sharepoint agent +1 AWS used by sharepoint server, SQL agent +AWS used by SQL server.

With 1 Hyper V agent you can backup all the VM's hosted on the Hyper V machine.

You can install remote agent on all the VM's without the AWS license.

Only the application install on the VM will require license (SQL application will need SQL license)

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Just to summarise you will require following Licenses:


1 Backup Exec base License .... for BE 2010 Mediaserver

1 HyperV agent license (includes number is AWS license for VMs) ... for HyperV Server

1 Agent for Sharepoint (will include one AWS license) ..... for Sharepoint 2008 (agent for Sharepoint server)

1 Agent for Windows Server (AWS) .... for W2k3 Storageserver

1 Agent for SQL (will include one AWS license) .... for MS SQL 2005 (agent for MS SQL) server

130 DLO licenses.... for Laptops - ca 130.


So you will have to buy total 5 + 130 = 135 Licenses.