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BE 2010R3-->2012 Fails check, DLO

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So, this has been almost beaten to death, but until we have valid solutions, these post should continue to happen.

Unchecking DLO from the setup in R3 does NOT UNINSTALL DLO, it just deregisters one of the two services!!!!

I went as far as deleting the service entry from the registry (since SC Delete didn't work), renaming the DLO folder, rebooting, verifying that the service was unregistered...still comes up as installed in the 2012 check.

Now, time to do some more registry diving, some ini hunting and come cfg audits to track down this thing so I can get this upgrade that I have paid for and am entitled to.  I am an expensive employee Symantec, and I can assure you that my bosses are not happy I need to spend time troubleshooting your program.  Thus adding to the TCO, therefore making your product less appealing...

Uninstalling/Reinstalling isn't an option for us..That isn't a fix either, that is called a coverup.

Having reps tell people to just uncheck the DLO option and that will work, well, it really doesn't work.

Wiping all the licenses, going back to trial, fighting with the trial period expired problems, umm, that is barely considered a workaround and doesn't seem to have consistent results.

Registry tweaks, renaming files, changing ini's, now those are solutions to the immediate problem, a rework and re-release of the setup checks is the most appropriate solution.

Luckily I'm not dealing with the dedupe problem, I'm still in my grace period. I was going to purchase it, until I found out it wasn't what I expected (or what the sales literature leads you to believe.) That problem should get fixed too...not being able to remove dedupe once selected, how dirty.  There are better solutions for what your intent probably was.

And your save and edit buttons are in chinese (or another similar script).


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Hello jandrews. Have you called support, or talked to a presales engineer from Symantec?

Please let me know so we can help you out with the migration, this is a direct-transparent process that we've seen successfully with production customers.


Sergio Romero

Level 3

No, I haven't called support yet, I was trying to follow the instructions Symantec posted and then troll through the forums once I hit a problem.  I have no idea when I'll be calling support because I have no idea when I'll be working on this again, probably my next update cycle.

I am too frustrated right now to attempt a professional phone call, because from what the forums are showing, the result of a phone call will be the rep either:

A) Asks you to remove all the licensing from 2010R3; and/or
B) Asks you to uninstall the product and fresh install 2012.

Again, neither of those answers is an option for us at this point.  I don't have hours and hours worth of time to deal with that kind of stuff, sorry, but I am sure I'm not the only one with that view.  In 6sig, those steps would be considered very wasteful and unnecessary, especially with a fully functional 2010R3 deployment that is nearly in an Out-of-Box configuration.

We pay our yearly maintenance for a product that should give us a stable upgrade path for common scenarios.  We do not have any crazy setup here...

Not to mention Symantec seemingly doesn't have any pages for DLO removal, nor is it anywhere (that I can find) in the admin guides.

At one point(a year or 2 ago), we were using the SBS versions of the licensing, however we have since switched to regular licensing with the Exchange and SQL plugins.  I also looked in the licensing information on 2010R3 and it shows DLO uninstalled (but, it really isn't uninstalled).

I do want this fixed, and my apologies for being a little gruff, but when you spend thousands of dollars a year just to renew maintenance, you would expect the stuff that is supposed to work...does.  And when it doesn't, nothing is more aggrevating then spending additional thousands of dollars in man hours for troubleshooting...I will call, but it will be a few days before I am at a point where it is possible for me to take down our server for troubleshooting.