BE 2012 Can't Restore After Replacing Tape Drive

Ok so Backup Exec 2012 finally got me. 

In a single server instance, BE 2012 has been running fine, I have completed succesfull backups every night.  However our tape drive died about two weeks ago.  After replacing it, there hasn't been an issue, the backups again are still working.

So I need a file from before the tape drive was replaced, I have the tape, I inventory and catalog it just to be sure, and then try to restore the data, but at the last screen the drop down list highlighted below doesn't show up:  Instead see the second image:

Image 2:

The problem is, if I try to restore without being able to select the correct drive I get this error on restore:

So, how do I work around this, I have the backups on tape, they are cataloged and inventoried, I just can't get them.



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Try restarting the backup

Try restarting the backup exec services and then test the restore again. If it fails launch sgmon.exe from BE Install Path. Select device and media, job engine, beserver and capture to file. Try the restore again and upload the SGMON log (its present in BE Install Path\Logs).