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BE 2012 Convert to Virtual Error 0xe000e041

In doing some testing with BE 2012, we tried the option "Convert to Virtual Machine from Point In Time" on a couple of our server backups that were done to deduplication storage on our CASO server.  The jobs immediatly fail with the following:

Error - unable to load all of the selected scripts information.

Job Completion Status

Job ended: Tuesday, June 12, 2012 at 9:46:54 AM
Completed status: Failed
Final error: 0xe000e041 - Validation failed because of invalid encryption settings.  An encryption type was specified but an encryption key was not provided.
Final error category: Job Errors

For additional information regarding this error refer to link V-79-57344-57409

Clicking on the V-79-57344-57409 link returns "No Answers Found" from the Symantec support website.  When you run the convert to virtual, there are no options related to encryption, so I don't know if that part of the error is just a misleading result.  Has anyone else received this error?


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Validation failed because of

Validation failed because of invalid encryption settings.  An encryption type was specified but an encryption key was not provided.

There is no encryption key.  Are you restoring the backup from the same server that the backup is done?  If not, put in the encryption passphrase so that the backup data can be decrpted.  Otherwise, do another backup without encryption and try again.


Yes, I am restoring on the

Yes, I am restoring on the same server that did the backup.  Also, the backup was not done with encryption enabled, so it should not be trying to use a key on restore.  This backup set is on a deduplication disk.  We also duplicate this backup set to tape and when that duplicate step is done, we do use encryption (but this again is also all done on the same server).  Another question then is since this set is actually on two different media - the deduplication disk and on a tape - how does the 'Convert to Virtual' step know which one to use?  There is no way to choose which one.  When files are restored, we get the option to pick from the deduplication disk or the copy on tape.

6/18/12 Update:

As a test with one of the servers, before I duplicated the backupe set to tape, I tried the convert to virtal again.  This time it worked correctly.  I then duplicated that backup set to tape, using software encryption.  Once that was completed, I then tried the convert to virtual again and it failed with the same error as before.  So it appears it has something to do with having the deduplication set and the duplicated to tape copy of the set, where software encryption was used in the duplicate process?   


I too have this same

I too have this same problem.

js_newc, note that one has the idea we are restoring from deduplication because the media description is OSTnnnnnn.....

If I work out what is wrong before someone else I'll post it up here.

(how I miss the old interface!)




js_newc, I've replicated your


I've replicated your tests I get the same results. So we are in this together all the way!

I've just ran a Sinplified Disaster Recovery (SDR) by creating a Hyper-V VM.  It worked.

So the problem centres around the wizard and/or the selection sets.  

I'm still digging so will report back.



Hello Js_newc/Data

Hello Js_newc/Data Defender,


We have the above error (Final error: 0xe000e041) reported to our engineering team for manual verify job of a duplicate backup set which had encryption enabled and it is being investigated.

We will report this behavior with P2V as well so that it can be investigated and fixed. I will also get a technote created for this issue and update the thread once it is published so that you can subscribe to it for email notification. 





Hi sbora,

Thanks for the update.  I have the case open with support and we have been working on it today. Please post link to technote here when it is published. 




Here is the link for the

Here is the link for the technote:

And find below Known Issues link for this issue:


Data Defender,

I have sent you a private message requesting the case id that you opened with support. Please provide us the case id so that we can refer it in the escalation we have raised with engineering team.