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BE 2012 - Failure to Browse when setting up DAG backup


I am gettig the "Failure to Browse" message when I try to initally create a backup to tape job for my DAG. This is the first time trying this. Here is a list of information:

  • The DAG is a new implementation
  • The account used for backup is a local admin on each member of the DAG (2 Exchange 2010 servers)
  • The account used for backup is a Organizational admin as well (TECH125261)
  • The agent has been installed and reinstalled with the trust relationship successfully implemented
  • Prior to the DAG each individual Exchange server could be backed up successfully
  • Exchange Management tools are properly installed on the Backup Exec Server.

I I suspect there is an issue regarding permissions since when I test the credentials of the backup account they fail. Does any one have a suggestion or two as to where I need to be looking? Please include thoughts from the perspective of the DAG environment as well since I may be missing something there.



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Cross check with the attached set permissions , also check the below GPO for the servers.

•Act as part of the operating system  
•Allow logon locally 
•Backup files and directories 
•Create a token object 
•Log on as a batch job 
•Log on as a service 
•Manage auditing and security log 
•Restore files and directories 
•Take ownership of files and other objects

Sorry for not getting back to

Sorry for not getting back to you sooner. I did verify the settings you posted and still experienced the same issue. As a result, I just ended up provisioning space on our NetApp and pointing the NT backup of the Exchange servers there. From there I had BE put them to tape.

It just seems like the hoops you have to jump through to get BE to backup and Exchange DAG isn't worth the time investment. On the flip side there may be some incorrect settings in our DAG setup that is breaking this. I think I would need a step by step playbook on how to get this working from both perspectives, Exchange and BE.