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BE 2012: How do I restore the VHD from Backup?

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Have an External Hard Drive that has backups from BE 2012.  Looks like VHD Files were created, how do I restore or get them working.  Original SBS2011 Server just got hit with Ransomware.


Level 3

You can refer the following link to perform manual DR :-

Performing manual disaster recovery for Backup Exec 2014, 15 and 16

Or else, you can try mounting VHD's which will help you extact the data as you needed.

Employee Accredited Certified

As a first and VERY important point (and as you say malware affected you) make sure that any disks with backups stored on them are write protcted and if possible work from copies when working out how to do the restore.

 If you have VHDs (in an IMGxxxx folder) then the SBS server you backed up must have been virtualized within Hyper-V so the manual DR methods won't help as you have to do a virtual agent restore (which requires a Hyper-V host)

Basic steps would be

Create a Hyper-V host with enough disk space to hold your small business server

Create a Backup Exec server

Recreate an entry with Backup Exec for the disk storage and ensure that IMG older you have is then within that disk storage device

Inventory and catalog the device

 Add the hyper-V host into Backup Exec

Create a redirect restore job of the VM to the host.