BE 2012 Will Not Back Up Any Files On Remote Servers

Zero files backed up every time - credentials test OK, exclusions are empty, files and folders are visible in the selection list. Tried many combinations of Advanced Open File options and backup methods. Status is always "Successful", with 0 files in x directories. I can get a backup of files on the local server. Thanks.

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Hi One remote server you said


One remote server you said file and folder are visiblle means is it the case that drive like C  and D and system state is not visible and you are able to only see shares

Have you checked remote agent running on that machine it should be using local account and not domain account

Also what is the remote server you are doing backup of what OS it has



On the remote server, all

On the remote server, all drives and shares are visible. I am olnly trying to back up files on the drives, not any shares.

Backup Exec Remote Agent is running under the local system account.

Both the BE srever and the remote server are Windows Server 2008 R2


Hi It looks some sort of


It looks some sort of corruption here then as the job is successfull but doesn't show anything backup

I would recommend to remove remote agent from add remove programs ,Once uninstalled also ensure you delete the file from C-program files symantec- backup exec and C-program data-aplication data -symantec -backupexec

Then install remote agent again by push install and then try doing backup again and see if that helps

Also before doing push install I presume BE 2012 is fully patched with sp1a and other updates after it ,if not please install all updates using live update and then push install remote agent on remote server and check

Hope that helps



What kind of files are not

What kind of files are not being backed up?  There are some filetypes which are automatically being excluded by AFE, like .mdf, etc.

Also, if these directories are under DFS then they are backed up by backing up the system state.  They are not backed up when you select them directly.


I said system state in the last paragraph because I was under the impression that the shadow copy component has been merged into the system state in BE 2012.  See this document

During an upgrade/migration to Backup Exec 2012, Shadow Copy Component file system selections need t...

I did not realise that the shadow copy component still exists in BE 2012 for DSF data and the dedup folder, so I should have said

Also, if these directories are under DFS then they are backed up by backing up the shadow copy component.

Sorry for the wrong info.


As the job logs states 0

As the job logs states 0 files backed up it is not a catalog process corrruption/failure and is more likely to be AFE dropping files becasue they should be backed up another way. As such I would check the details of what you are backing up and and whether DFS(R) is involved as per pkh answer earlier and before you look at an uninstall re-install process.


All kind of files -

All kind of files - documents, applications, etc.

This server does utilize DFS replication, so this means BE will ignore any files on any DFS drives? I was able to back up files from this server's C drive, which does not utilize DFS.


Hi Yes it would not backup


Yes it would not backup files properly if they are for DFS and have been backed up invert drive as to backup DFS we  need to select it from shadow copy components which would. Backup data correctly to be restored





Yes.  If you select any

Yes.  If you select any files/folders under DSF they would be ignored.  As I have said previously, to backup files under DSF, you need to backup the shadow copy component of the disk on which these files reside.


Sorry, solution cleared. It

Sorry, solution cleared. It works in theory, but see this Tech note:

http://www.symantec.com/business/support/index?page=content&id=TECH190334. Six months and no fix.

So even though you can select a directory without being able to browse it, how many files actually get backed up? Zero.

Can someone suggest a product that allows you to select files, back them up, and have them available to restore? This one's not doing it.