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BE 2012 and Enterprise Vault Agent

Level 3

We had some issues with our BE2010->2012 upgrade and I ended up reinstalling everything from scratch and that cleared up all of the issues ... except for one.

Using the EV agent, backing up the indexes with the agent it SAYS it finishes but when you drill into the log I get this:

The Backup Exec server was unable to connect to remote machine <dnsaliasnameofevserver> using protocol IPv4 on network interface Local Area Connection <x>. 

 I can browse and see it when setting up the backup but the index backup is referencing a DNS alias and not the actual I'm not sure if this is an EV or BE issue.  The partitions are on a NAS so those get backed up fine via NDMP but the indexes are not being picked up.  The database portion works fine.  Could the BE agent be blowing up because the BE server is trying to attach to the EV server with an alias name - and if that is the case how do I fix that?




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