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BE 2012 and Server 2012/R2 Support

Level 3

I find it interesting, one that Symantec locked the following thread, The truth must hurt. Two that the BE agent will back up Server 2012/R2 but you cannot install the Media Server on Server 2012/R2.

Ok so I am not a dev by any means, but isn't a backup agent more evasive to the OS than the media server? I am just dumb found by the thought that you can backup Server 2012/R2 but cannot install the Media Server. Sounds ridiculous. I signed up for the beta and it tells me that it will not be available until Q1 2014. Seriously, that long to figure out how to make the Media Server install on Server 2012/R2? This is a joke right!?

I know a lot of people in the field who either are switching away from Symantec as a whole, mostly SEP and Backup Exec, or are not even interested due to the massive complaints that they read about even on Symantec's own web site. There are many other solution out there that work just as well if not better for the same price point or less and with less complaints. It is not so much about price these days but about quality and support for current technologies.

Two things I have notice with Symantec: One, they are trying way to hard to please some pig head VP who is mandating 100% perfection. Never going to happen. Two, Symantec is getting way to big. I mean look at their product line, its HUGE. They are trying to be the next Microsoft and that is never going to happen either. So they are losing focus on what matters, customers. Bill Gates is just good at this kind of stuff and not everyone can be on the top. So stop being jealous Symantec and live with it. Don't you see that you are pissing people off more than making them happy?

So conclude my rant, Symantec you need to drop some weight so that you can fine tune your process and be more focused becuase no one like a big fat pig.

Oh and by the way your spell checker for these forum does not recognize the name Symantec. Must not be compatible and will have to wait until Q1 of 2014. LOL!