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BE 2012 and VMware Agent

I have the Problem with an BE2012 SP1a that i cant recover Files from am VM Backup. Only the VM i can recover complete. The Windows-Agent is installed and GRT is aktiv at the Job. No failure at the Job. Any Idea about an Solution ?
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Is an VMware 5 Host and

Is an VMware 5 Host and vCenter 5

Hello Zwena,

In BE 2012, Add the Virtual machine name in the Backup & Restore tab if its not showing up.

Then select that VM and click on restore and then it should show the individual files and folders for restore.

If its still not showing the items for restore even after adding the server then take a backup of small file from that VM using the remote agent and then it will show you all the previously backed up data for restore.






I agree with pervious comment.







Yes, with Vmware you shoiuld add virual machine on "backup & restore" tab, and you can see the server and use the GRT.


Restore VM GRT

There is an open issue with symantec for GRT via VMware....if you are using vCentre though. If accessing via ESX server its fine.

No fix has been found yet.

We only see incomplete backup - cannot do GRT restore - but backup is OK of full machine

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Hello, After Backup an small

Hello, After Backup an small file with Windows agent, the recover over the vm backup with GRT ist Fine. Thx