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BE 2012 cannot use RD1000

I am running the trial of Backup Exec 2012 on a system that was previously working with Backup Exec 2010 R2 (Small Business Edition) and a Dell RD1000 cartridge drive. In configuring the backup device in BE 2012, it cannot see the RD1000 (as drive G:, with a freshly formatted cartridge). In the Configure Storage Wizard, the choice for Disk cartridge device is greyed-out.

Is this RD1000 no longer supported? Or is there something else I need to install in order to get BE 2012 to work with this device? I didn't have to do anything special in previous BE versions.

Help/advice would be appreciated.

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Hi,   Check the HCL below and



Check the HCL below and ensure that it is supported:


Restart the BE services

The Dell RD1000 internal and external drives are supported with BE2012.

Try stopping & starting the BE services.  Then check if 'Disk cartridge device' is no longer grayed out in Configure Storage.

Sometimes BE won't pick up the device if a cartridge was not mounted within the drive prior to the BE services starting.  Also, be sure you've installed the Dell software for the RD1000 otherwise you stand a chance of not having the eject button working.  The software would have shipped on a CD with the drive or system it came with.

I have the same problem.   I

I have the same problem.


I have a Dell RD1000 USB removable disk cartriage drive.  I am using Backup Exec 2012 Service Pack 1a.  It is on a Windows 2008 R2 Server.

 In the Configure Storage Wizard, the choice for Disk cartridge device is greyed-out.

There is nothing I do that makes it see it properly.  I even called up Symantec Support and worked with an engineer and that had no clue and had to escalate it.

Seems as if these very popular Dell RD1000 USB removable disk cartirage drives do not work with even though it is on Symantec's HCL.

If you look in Windows

If you look in Windows Explorer/My Computer, does that drive show as a Removable Drive or in the section next to the fixed disk drive. If ity is against teh fixed drive section in My Computer this will explain  why BE does not see it as Cartidge Storage as it needs to show in the removable section.

Unfortunately if this is how it shows it is likely to be an issue with the drivers for the device in the operating system and not specifically a BE issue.

I ran into the same problem

I ran into the same problem at a customers site, some more details:

Internal Dell RD1000 in a Dell T410 server runnung SBS2011.

The drive is listed in the Removable Drive section in Windows Explorer/My Computer.

BackupExec 2012 SP1a is installed as an upgrade from 2010 to 2012 SP1 (followed by a manual installation of SP1a as live update fails) which was not at all straight forward and could only be done when I found a forum entry telling me I had to move the database from SQL 2005 Express to SQL 2008 Express manually. Why does the 2012 installer fail with such an expectable scenario? (rethorical question)

Anyway, BackupExec 2012 greets me with a welcome screen which tells me that there is no configured storage and therefore backups are not possible. Well, I expected the upgrade procedure to convert everything into a running system, but hey, give it what it asks for... So I start the wizard to configure the storage place and selected the first option which is for the disk based storage. On the next page I had the option to select the first two options which are disk storage and old backup-to-disk-folders. The third option which would be for removable drives like the RD1000 is greyed out and there is a little remark that there are no unconfigured drives of that type in the system. So I thought, hey, if there is no unconfigured one, maybe it is already configured. So I hit the abort button of the wizard and examined the storage tab in detail. Well, what shall I say all the cartridges that I had in 2010 are listed in the appropiate media pools and the drive is listed as "RD1000 Backup-HDD" in the storage line of the backup task.

Well, now I'm confused if it is listed here and already configured, why the hell does BE2012 tell me there is no storage configured?

Ok, so let's see if there is more information when I look at the media. Well there is. Looking at the media pool I notice a scrollbar and had a look at the last column which is something like storage state (I have to guess the English expression as I have the German localisation only). Well the state sais the cartridge is "not suitable". Um well, now I am really in the loss and see no way how I can overcome that. Why is it not suitable? Is there any way I can get more information about the problem and how it can be solved?

Please excuse any mistakes in my usage of the English language as I'm not a native speaker.

Re: I ran into the same problem

I have the same problem with an HP RDX 500. The device is listed under "Devices with Removable Storage" but under the "Configure Storage" wizard, it says "There are no unconfigured disk cartridge devices on the system".