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BE 2012 - issues after moving BE to a new server

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The server that was running Backup Exec 2012 had a hardware failure.  I am not able to get a new PSU for it at this time and have moved Backup Exec to a new HyperV VM running Server 2008 Standard R2, the same OS as the original server.

I was able to pull the hard drive from the failed machine and access it via a USB dock.  I followed the steps in this article to move the BE data from the old server to the new VM.  All of the jobs and history is available on the new server, but i am having issues with the storage devices.

We are using two NAS units for our backup to disk targets.  They are connected to the server via iSCSI connections and are set up with the same drive letter as the previous server.  All of the .bak files are there from the previous server, but only one of the devices shows up on the storage tab in BE, and when i try to add the other device it fails telling me that it is already in use by BE.

I am thinking i need to remove all storage from the database and add them both back and then catalog them again, but I can not figure out how to do so?