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BE 2014 BEMCli Powershell commandlet timeout

Hi all,

I have a Backup Exec 2014 Server (under Windows 2008 R2) that comes from a recent migration from BE2010 R3.

The mirgation was OK, no problem... but I have more than 100 job definition to rename and I would to script it, as "point and click" solution is too long...

So I'm trying to use the "Get-BEBackupDefinition" commandlet (just to pipe the result in a Rename-BEBackupDefinition commandlet).

But this "Get-BEBackupDefinition" commandlet is very verye very long to execute... more than 10 minutes... and no result, but this error message :


Rename-BEBackupDefinition : Impossible de trouver un paramètre correspondant au
 nom « id ».
Au niveau de ligne : 1 Caractère : 30
+ Rename-BEBackupDefinition -id <<<<  F44CEAAA-083F-4B34-BE9E-485566476D33 -New
    + CategoryInfo          : InvalidArgument: (Smiley Happy [Rename-BEBackupDefinition]
   , ParameterBindingException
    + FullyQualifiedErrorId : NamedParameterNotFound,BackupExec.Management.CLI


During the execution, the local SQLServer 2008 Express is consumming one core à 100%... so I assume that the commandlet is not optimized at all.

But am I the only one to have this problem ? Could someone try this commandlet and tell me if it runs normally ?

Thansk in advance.