BE 2014 / IBM Storwize V7000 Unified compatibility



Anybody know when IBM OS 1.5 for Storwize V7000 will be supported on Symantec BE 2014 with NDMP Option?

Last HCL indicate juste IBM OS 1.4 was tested and "IBM OS 1.5 is not supported yet and will not work yet."


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Unfortunately Symantec does

Unfortunately Symantec does not publish a support roadmap

There are no update or advice

There are no update or advice when it will be supported.


Whilst I can't confirm when

Whilst I can't confirm when it may or may not be supported how you are using your NDMP device can make a difference as to whether the NDMP option is the best choice anyway


Please see

for more info


Note we do see a lot of configurations where NDMP has been implmented and then turns out to not be a good choice, hence that blog to try to explain thongs.