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BE 2014 - Unable to Import Licence files (.slf)

Hi Community, 

Just looking to get some help with a server I am currently installing Backup Exec 2014 on. It is a Windows '03 server that we recently upgraded to BE14 and initially we were on the trial version and now that it has run out we have purchased the full licences. Unfortunately we haven't been able to upgrade the licences like you normally would through the Installation and Licensing section when you open up BE. When you click on "Import Symantec Licence File" I get the below error message. 

"The install failed with an unexpected error: Method not found: 'System.Strin System.Windows.Forms.OpenFileDialog.get_SafeFileName()"

180px_BE14 import licence error.PNG

So far I have tried running a repair of the software from control panel and manually uninstalling BE completely and attempting to reinstall from scratch again. However every time I get up to the "Add Licences" section during installation I run into the same error again. Have previously installed BE14 on a number of servers, sometimes upgrading from trial version and have never come across this issue. 

Thanks in advance! :)

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Hi, Windows Server 2003 is


Windows Server 2003 is not supported as a media server for BE 2014. You need to be on Windows Server 2003 R2 with SP2 at a bare minimum.

Are you on R2 or vanilla Windows Server 2003?



Hope you are running a Win

Hope you are running a Win 2k3 R2 media server as vanilla Win 2k3 isn't supported as a media server for BE 2014.

Do you receive the same error if you try to add the serial numbers instead of the .slf files ?

Try running a repair of the .NET as well. Additionally what version of .NET is present on this server ?

Any other errors/warnings under the windows event viewer ?

Hi CraigV,  Server is

Hi CraigV, 

Server is running R2 with SP2. Like I mentioned we did have the trial version of BE14 up and running without issue for the 60 days trial periods prior to encountering this issue. 

Hi VJware,  Server is indeed

Hi VJware, 

Server is indeed R2 running SP2 and the .NET version currently installed is v4.0, will give your advice a shot and try a repair on the framework. NO other errors or logs recorded in event viewer either.

As for the serial numbers I have tried adding them in manually rather then through the import tool. 
However Symantec doesn't seem to recognise the serial numbers if you enter them this way. I do recall something along the lines of only been able to do that if you are renewing a licence and the old one is still present but if you are doing it from scratch like I am you must import the .sfl files. Not 100% sure on that last part though.  

OK that's perfect then. From

OK that's perfect then.

From my side, if you're able to uninstall BE 2014 and then reinstall from scratch with the license key, I'd recommend that. It just means you start your backups from scratch, unless you grab copies of the Data/Catalogs folders prior to uninstalling BE.

Or, contact the licensing department and request a new license file.


Adding serial numbers

Adding serial numbers requires the BE media server to be connected to the internet, whereas adding the .slf files does not require internet access. The serial numbers usually start with the letter M followed by a series of numbers (Mxxxxxxxx).