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BE 2014 two-server (separate sites) configuration

We were fortunate enough to have a budget that let us have two extremely large (by our standards) backup servers that we would like to use to house two sets of backup data. Our first server has been up and running for about two months and is working great. We purchased capacity licesnses as we don't have all that much data compared to the amount of servers we back up and it unlocked all the features for us. Instead of leaning heavily on tape archives, and because of our infrastructure, we decided bringing a second server in to the mix was the best idea for us.

New server is in, I go to deploy BE to the second machine and make it a managed device and then I see the catalog options and suddenly my configuration I was going to use isn't quite as clear to me. So, I need help knowing what options to choose to make the setup we have in mind a reality.

We want to:

1. Split our sites backup targets between the two servers to help with bandwidth (22 sites, 75 servers)

2. Duplicate all backup sets between the two servers with the optimized deduplication feature

3. Have local backups for each server run regardless if the other server is online

4. Restore data from either server regardless if the other server is online

From what the catalog options say, this doesn't appear to be doable, so I'm wondering if anyone can help. Obviously this needs to be a situation with the least amount of headaches for the admin who has to do restores, I can babysit the configuration. Promoting a managed server to the CAS is fine for us as long as the data which was duplicated from the original server is still restorable and backups still run!

Thanks in advance