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BE 2016 is not release space on the disk

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Hi, guys I have a bug in Backup Exec 2016, that some space on the disks is not released sometimes, but when I make a inventory and a catalog, the space is released. I was doing it until last week on 2 servers, but now on one of them, I have problem on some disks, that inventory is not complete and catalogs stay in queue, and because of it, I have some problems to release space.

I not see the backups on the backup sets of the disk, DLM is active and delete the backups references on the diks backup sets, but space is not released. I see some .bkfs from one month later with 50gb, and the backups on that disk, stay only one week on the configuration of the jobs.

I don't know if I delete the files Changer.cfg, last_pdi.bin or Folder.cfg I force the inventory and catalog to work again and release space, Anybody know if it is possible ?

Or anything that is possible to do to force catalog and inventory to work again ? 

the inventory job stay with the information: Active: Stalled inventory


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What kind of disks are you using?  Removable?

@pkh wrote:

What kind of disks are you using?  Removable?

I am using storages disks connected with ISCI.
This server have near 5 disks of 10 tb connected, total 50 tb of ISCSI, like letters on windows F:\, G:\, ....

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Are all of these disks always connected to the server?

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If you really belief this is a bug, then chances are that this was reported by more users and that Veritas probably released a fix for it. You can check for the latest available patches and hotfixes for BE16 (if those are still available, since BE16 has reached EOL).

Your other option is to upgrade to the latest BE version.
If the problem still persists after the upgrade, you will be able to log a Support call with Veritas to investigate and assist with a solution.

Hi, some of them are increasing, because many bkfs do not release space. There are some with 500 gb, 100 gb free at the disks.
In The past I make a catalog, and it release some 3tb, 2tb at the disks, but now it not possible to force the release.
Hyper-v backups that have a folder is releasing space, but .bkfs is difficult now.

Yes, the disks are always connected with The server.

I try agian to release space, I enter on all disks, make individual catalog in all backups.
Today I go to only one disk at the same time, and run a inventory and a catalog, the server is releasing space, in one of disk it release something like 4.1 Tb, in other 3.8 Tb, I will continue until the final disk to release the space.
I not knhow ifi indivdual catalogs work, but the disks are releasing space now.