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BE 2016: not getting notification emails

Level 6
Partner Accredited

Hi all.  I just need to know how to troubleshoot BE 2016 not sending emails but to look specifically at whatever locations/servcies BE itself uses to store, queue, and process the email notifications.  Every time I Google this I find posts on here about telneting, however I have both Backup Exec and also Symanted Endpoint Protection Manager on this machine, and I get SEP emails no problem while using the same send address and port settings.  Granted, I have not done the telnet test and will do it just to be thorough but my question here is nore about where can I check this email queue and what can I do with it if I find it's jammed full of unsent items for example?  Any other suggestions are also welcome.  Thank you all.  


Level 6

With Backup Exec 16 look in \Backup Exec folder and launch SGMON.exe (Backup Exec Live Debugger)

Under Capture Settings check the boxes  for Backup Exec Server and Management.

Reproduce the issue (Assuming you have a job setup to send notification) OR use the Test Notfiction feature for the email user. It may be easier to use the Test Notification.

You will want to stop the SGMON logging shortly after the Test Notification or Test job.

In SGMON you have tabs to filter the logging .   You will want to look in the Management Logging and you shoud see SMTP commands being sent and any sending errors.