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BE 22 - Desaster Recovery Questions

Level 3

Hi VOX Community!

First of all: When creating this post, BE 22 is not available under "product version" dropdown, this would need to be added some day. :)

Got a question in regards to bare metal desaster recovery: We updated to 22 and recreated our desaster recovery image. I wanted to do a test restore to see if the backup is working, and discovered a "firmware type mismatch". Looks like this was a topic back in 2013 - you cannot restore UEFI system backups to Legacy hardware, or vice versa.

Now this got me thinking: Our servers that we backup are a mix of Win 2012 to 2019 machines. These may or may not be legacy machines. What if new hardware bought today does not support legacy anymore? Is that a thing? I grabbed an unused Fujitsu workstation and tried to switch it to legacy - but it looks like Fujitsu allows UEFI only. How is the situation with server hardware in general? Do those allow to chose between legacy and UEFI? Will this maybe become a problem in the future?

I would like to have your input on this topic. I know the 2012 machines will need to be replaced sooner or later (software-wise), but there may be those overlapping years where 2012 is still used, but you obviously cannot purchase such old hardware anymore. Anyone knows if legacy is still supported on current hardware?



First of all thank you for mentioning that BE 22 was not available in the drop down menu.
This has now been added.

To your technical question; we normally advise customers in such situation to restore the server without the SDR disk option and perform a traditional restore of a system.