BE 9.1 won't catalog media, even after multiple "inventory" operations

Same problem whether trying to catalog tape or B2D.  Problem is that C: crashed, and that is where BE stores the catalog.  So, have in this case, over a year of backups that do not seem to appear in the catalog.

Thank you.

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You need to right-click on

You need to right-click on the media and select catalog. Inventory is not good enough

I know, sadly. This is the

I know, sadly.

This is the msg I receive when I try to catalog a B2D file:

Catalog 0182 -- The job failed with the following error: One or more pieces of media in the media family being cataloged has not been inventoried.
No objects on these media may be cataloged.

I have repeatedly selected the "device" (being the folder)  from the Devices window, right-clicked to Inventory, which runs without errors.

What is interesting (to me at least) is that the byte count for Inventory operations is zero.


Go to Tools ----> Options

Go to Tools ----> Options -------> Catalog and uncheck the Request media in Sequence option and try the catalog again

Under Settings|Cataog, I have

Under Settings|Cataog, I have these checkboxes:

use storage media-based catalogs (currently checked)

Truncate catalogs after (unchecked)

Remove unused catalogs after (unchecked)

Do not see any option like you described.


If this option is not present

If this option is not present in BE 9, then I think you are out of luck.  If I am not mistaken, BE 9 is already EOL, so you cannot log a support case.

You would have to upgrade to the latest version of BE which has this option to catalog the media.

Technically, it's 9.1, but,

Technically, it's 9.1, but, yeah, EOL for sure.

SO, the (unchangeable) default was to log "in sequence?"