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BE Assured with Veritas Backup Exec

Level 1

Veritas Backup Exec is a leading Data Protection solution serving millions of small and medium business customers in their journey from physical to virtual to cloud, from tapes to cost-effective secondary storage to cloud archive storage and protecting databases to new age SaaS application by integrating with Veritas SaaS Backup.

Every type of business, including various universities, healthcare organizations, research centers, governments, and defense organizations use Veritas Backup Exec, which means it impacts an individual’s everyday life across the world.

From the inception of the release to delivery, Quality and Customer feedback is at the center of Backup Exec’s development process. The product team works aggressively, assuring the product releases meet the highest quality standards, and solve customer needs.

During the inception of the release, teams sign-up the top supportability items to simplify user experience along with top priority features on the product roadmap. From that point onwards, there’s constant engagement between the engineering team and customers/partners in the form of sprint demos, user experience testing, and more. This process allows customers to influence the product/features,  see the innovation in action, and even become early adopters of new features via Veritas Customer and Partner Enablement Program (CPEP).

While the features are getting developed, there is are continuous integration and deployment tests which occur via automated tests, tools, and variety of analysis performed to assure the quality and completeness of the features. To highlight the key ones:

Quality_Check-01.pngFunctional Test


The on-going customer interactions, inputs from the support team, and product telemetry enable the team with a customer-centric approach in testing the product.

  • A dedicated lab mimics complex end-to-end customer deployment. The environment includes various Cloud & Virtualization platforms, operating systems, applications, databases, multiple storage devices where Backup Exec build runs for weeks.
  • Localization level-2 validation performed for 10+ international languages.
  • Specialized software and hardware compatibility tests conducted on various software configurations and storage devices, respectively.

Non-Functional Test

Rigorous and targeted tests measure Performance, Persistence, Scalability and are compared against benchmarks

  • Performance testing is conducted in an isolated environment to confirm benchmark metrics are consistent or have improved since the last release.
  • Multiple workloads get tested with several stacked jobs scheduled with different methods, timeline to check there’s no memory leak & deadlocks.
  • Hundreds of machines used to test product scalability, tolerance, and responsiveness under specific heavy load.

Internal & External Validation

  • After thorough in-house validation and satisfaction, the release is validated by the Support team, Pre-sales team, and Partners to get additional technical feedback.
  • When the release feels production-ready, the external validation / Beta program is conducted with several production deployments, which adds a level of customer feedback reassuring a high product/feature satisfaction.

Specialized Testing like Voluntary Product Accessibility (VPAT), internal/external penetration testing with targeted vulnerability attack, vulnerability assessment, etc. is performed to comply with various security, public sector, and government standards.


Veritas Backup Exec is trusted by millions of customers, with over three decades of industry experience. Partnering and working closely with Microsoft, Amazon, and VMware enables seamless integration and Day-1 support to the latest releases. Standard procedures and processes are followed diligently by a qualified, passionate & experienced team in this domain so customers can ‘BE ASSURED’ with Veritas Backup Exec!

If you want to influence Veritas Products and be a part of innovation, then join our Customer & Partner Engagement Program.