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BE Driver issue?

Level 3

I've tried to install SP1 for Windows 2003 Server on my box which runs BE 9.1. The installation succeeded, and when it rebooted it kept on giving me a blue screen, so after a call to MS Support they got the box back up and running for me, but now whenever I try to run the SP1 installation for 2003 Server, it keeps on failing. Microsoft support are also stuck on this now, but they think they may have found the problem.

As the installation pack checks it's processes and drivers, it tells me that there is a problem with a 3rd party driver, this driver seems to be coming from Backup Exec. The details are as follows: -

Time/Date String: 12/07/2000 21:42:12
Product Version: 3.50:807.1
File Version: 3.50:807.1
Company Name: VERITAS Software
File Description: SCSI Changer Driver

Has anyone ever come across this, and if so Is there an updated driver I can download to try and fix the issue? Because of the way things stand now with the box, it is stable, but DCOM has got corrupted which causes Critical WMI Errors, so a number of services can't start - some of those being the backup exec services.

Any help and assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Kind regards


Level 6
the latest v9.1 Driver Pack is here

it is dated May 26 2005