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BE Exchange Backups, Information Stores not available in selections

Level 1

BE version 21.4

Exchange Server 2016 CU22 Version 15.1.2375.24

Exchange server is part of a DAG. I used to be able to backup exchange information stores/databases on the individual servers. Suddenly I can no longer even see the information stores as an inclusion in the selection window of the servers, just the DAG. I can see in credentials when the ms info store was last backed up but it is not available in selections. Exchange was recently updated and i figured that could have caused it so I updated the remote agent, didnt work, then i uninstalled agent and removed from BE. Then added it back, no dice. Im not really sure why I cant see it in selections anymore. Can anyone point me to any further troubleshooting options or guidance on how to fix this? The backups through the DAG option are always throwing up errors and partially corrupting the databases so Id prefer to fix the issue with the individual servers being able to back up the info stores.

Thank you in advance



I believe this is normal when you have a DAG; that the IS is only visible via the DAG configuration in BE and is not visible under the individual DAG nodes.
I would strongly advise to analyse and investigate the issue you have when backing up via DAG.