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BE Outlook Add-in and Outlook Anywhere

I am in the process of rolling out the Mailbox Archive Option for Backup Exec, and configuring our environment to allow users to use the Backup Exec Outlook Add-in to access archived content.  I've successfully configured and ran archive jobs to populate archive content in an archive vault, and I've successfully configured BE Retrieve to allow the Outlook Add-in to function correctly.  Finally, I successfully deployed a GPO to install the add-in.  We are using Office 2007 SP3 products.

I've run into a problem with Outlook Anywhere (aka RPC over HTTP), which is not supported by the add-in - an error message appears when you run Outlook after installing the add-in.  By default, the Outlook Anywhere setting seems to be active on all of our Outlook clients (Tools->Account Settings, select account and click Change, click More Settings, click Connection tab, Outlook Anywhere settings are at bottom of property window).  No matter what I try, I can't seem to manipulate this setting:

  • I tried to edit properties on the mailbox object using this command in the Exchange Management Shell: get-mailbox -identity <username> | set-casmailbox -mapiblockoutlookrpchttp:$True.  The command completes successfully, but it does not alter the checkbox in Outlook - Outlook still will connect using rpc over http if the box is checked.  I still have to manually uncheck the checkbox and restart Outlook in order for the add-in to work.
  • I tried deploying a GPO that manipulates the settings.  I had to download and install KB961112, which is an administrative template that allows configuration of the Outlook Anywhere settings in Outlook.  The settings worked and I successfully deployed a GPO to some test users - however, all the settings do is control the visibility/operability of the UI controls, and NOT the actual setting itself.  So, although the GPO successfully disabled the UI settings, it was still "on" in the background.  If I unchecked the checkbox, close outlook, then apply the GPO, the UI settings stay disabled and everything works OK (which might prevent a user from turning it on later), BUT, doesn't help when I'm trying to turn off the setting.
  • I tried updating my .msp file that is used to customize the installation of our Office product.  I found the setting in there and applied it successfully, but it had no effect.

The only way to get the add-in to work is to manually uncheck the checkbox and restart Outlook, then everything works great.

Is there some other way to either force the Outlook Anywhere setting to be disabled, or, is there some way to force the Outlook Add-in to work with Outlook Anywhere?  It will be problematic and tedious to manually deploy this setting to all of our users, and the challenge will be especially difficult to deploy within our Citrix environment.  At least the BERetrieve site will be available as an alternative, however, I think it will be nicer for users to be able to use the already familiar interface in Outlook to browse old messages when needed.



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if you check " Connect to MS

if you check " Connect to MS Exchange using HTTP" option under Tools > Account Settings > Email Account > More Settings > Connection, Outlook Anywhere is enabled...

What is the error message you receive regarding Outlook Anywhere ?

Yes, I'm aware that if the

Yes, I'm aware that if the "Connect to MS Exchange using HTTP" checkbox is checked, Outlook Anywhere is enabled.  It is this checkbox that I'm trying to uncheck either via a group policy or modified Office setup, so I don't have to instruct all of our users to manually uncheck it.  Seeing as there appears to be no way to do this, I'm hoping that there is some other way to disable Outlook Anywhere via some other group policy, or some other method that I'm not aware of.  Or, if there is a workaround that allows the Outlook Add-in to work with Outlook Anywhere.

The error I receive is "Outlook Anywhere (RPC over HTTP) is not supported by Virtual Vault.  To use the Virtual Vault feature, you must use Microsoft Office Outlook."

I am sure you must have

I am sure you must have looked at this KB for disabling Outlook Anywhere -

lemme check a bit more...

Actually I hadn't seen this

Actually I hadn't seen this KB yet, thanks for sharing.  My searches have all been targeted at disabling OA client side via GPO or some other means, and not server side.  I was hoping to not disable OA across the organization in case at one point I wanted to configure remote users to use the feature (instead of OWA or Outlook via Citrix), but if this works then I'll reconsider!