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BE Recovery Ready. Instantaneously!

Level 1


Want to be sure your backed up critical Virtual Machines are Recovery Ready?

Well, we have some great news!

Backup Exec 16-Feature Pack 1 introduces the ‘Recovery Ready’ feature that automatically tests your virtual machine (VM) backups for recoverability in a matter of few minutes thereby boosting confidence on your backups.

The ‘Recovery Ready’ feature ensures that a VMware or Hyper-V virtual machine, which is backed up using the Backup Exec Virtual Agent to the Disk Storage is recoverable to the point of booting up the VM and running power-up self-tests and takes advantage of the Instant Recovery technology featured in Backup Exec 15-FP5.  

Traditionally, testing the recoverability of a backed up VM involves doing a full restore of a VM onto a production or lab Hypervisor system after satisfying necessary storage space requirements. Then visually verify whether the VM is successfully able to boot up. This is a time consuming process and entirely depends on the size of the backed up VM.

This feature takes VM Validation one step further by automating the entire workflow of virtualizing the backup set, creating a temporary VM, registering it with the Hypervisor, and powering it up. It also performs a Heartbeat test to ensure the boot process is successfully completed. Once the self-test is complete, the temporarily created VM is deleted to complete the validation process.

Below screenshot depicts ‘Validate VM’ Job Log:snap1.png


Recovery Ready jobs can also be scheduled to align with organizational backup strategies to automatically validate their latest VM backups.  

Below Screenshot displays 'Latest backup set' selection and 'Schedule' tab options:



‘Recovery Ready’ can come in handy to quickly validate a VM backup before sending the backups to vault or creating duplicate copies of the backup to either tape or cloud thereby increasing confidence in the data being copied for offsite storage. You can select a specific VM backup set for validation. This helps to ensure that critical VMs are validated in preparation for Disaster Recovery scenarios.

Enhanced reporting provides information on how well an asset like virtual infrastructure is protected and if the VM backups are validated to ensure VM recovery readiness.  Such reports can aid in an organizational audit processes.

Below Screenshot shows ‘Recovery Ready Validation Summary’ report:



The ‘Recovery Ready’ feature in Backup Exec 16 FP1 allows customers to use the Instant Recovery technology to instantly validate their VM backups without the overhead of storage space requirements and time, in an automated way. It also allows customers to have greater confidence in their backups because the validation process involves actually standing up the VM ensuring their recoverability in the time of need. 

For more details about the feature, Please refer to the attachment 'Recover Ready information.pdf'


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