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BE SDR Network Path Not Found

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We are trying to do a BE 2016 SDR. We burned the CD > boot a target machine to recover using the SRD disk > configured the network (can ping IP of the BE Server) > then get stuck on where we need to type the BE Server Name, Domain, User Account, and Password, with the error: network path cannot be found.

When I look at the wizard logs, there's mention of "BEServerName" cannot be resolved.

This only happens when the target client is on a different network segment. In other words, if I try to perform SDR on a client in the same network segment, it works.

i.e. Client & BE server are 172.10.1.x/24 = works. Client is on 172.10.3.x/25, BE server on 172.10.1.x/24 = network path cannot be found

I tried to edit the host file of client machine on different while in WIN PE to sort of "manuall" resolve the "BEServerName" to the correct IP - then SDR works.

Anything wrong or I'm missing anything? Need to make SDR work on Clients that are in different network segment.


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This is a DNS problem and not a BE problem.  You need to ensure that your DNS server on the other domain can resolve the BE Server name to the IP address.  You must be able to ping the BE Server name, not the IP address, from the other domain.

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As well as PKH comment about SND requirements, do you have a firewall blocking IP ports betweene the two subnets, bascially ypu moght be allowing pings but not everything that BE needs to work if there is a firewall in the way.