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BE_ST Tool, VxGather and tracer.exe viewer


Hi team,
I´m working providing Symantec Support for Backup Exec with a Partner Hardware Manufacturing and some times I need to use the follow troubleshooting tools as a bellow:
Be_ST (Backup Exec Support Tool)
Log Debug (From Register entries)
SGMON (Live Debug)
I´d like to know if there are any tool that help to viewer these logs. I usually have difficult to interpreter the because these logs aren´t easy.
Thank in advance for any help.
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Moving this thread to the BE

Moving this thread to the BE forum for greater visibility.

to view a report created by

to view a report created by Be_ST (Backup Exec Support Tool), the same tool can help you read this report...choose open a report option...

other logs can be opened using a regular text could also use SMS trace to highlight the errors in red...


@Thomas, tks for you


tks for you suggestion, but I thing that some partner can help us about this doubt.




I´ll check the SMS Trace. Tks for your suggestion.


But are there an internal tool for understanding these log files?