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BE Upgrade and Migration to new server


Customer is planning to upgrade their backup exec 12.5 to 2014 and to migrate to a new server. 

Would you recommend to upgrade the backup exec first to current server then migrate to new server or to migrate first then perform upgrade?

Current Server:

Memory 12 GB

OS Microsoft Server Standard 2008 SP2

Processor : Intel Xeon X5550 @ 2.67 GHz 16 CPUs


New Server will be Win 2008 R2

Memory of 16GB


Library: HP MSL G3 Series

Drive: Ultrium 4-SCSI / Firmware version (H58W and H68W)


Do we need to replicate/migrate existing BE 12.5 to new server with the Library attached to new server? 

Can we attach the library to new server after the migration?



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Re: BE Upgrade and Migration to new server

You need to upgrade the existing server to BE 2014 before moving BE to the new server. See this document

Re: BE Upgrade and Migration to new server

You will have to upgrade first since BE 12.5 isn't compatible with Win 2008 R2. So upgrade to BE 2014 on the existing server and then migrate across.

Upgrading from BE 12.5 to BE 2014 is a straight-forward upgrade process. You can also refer to the section titled "About upgrading from previous versions of Backup
Exec to Backup Exec 2014" from the BE 2014 Admin Guide.

Re: BE Upgrade and Migration to new server

Is your tape library using a SCSI or a SAS interface?

Make sure that the HBA in the new server is supported (i.e. not a RAID HBA)  See


Please correct if I am

Please correct if I am wrong, SQL 2008 is the SQL instance installed by BE 12.5, right? During upgrade, BE 2014 will install SQL 2008 R2 will this consolidate the jobs and catalogs from BE 12.5 with SQL 2008?

Customer wants to use SQL 2012 or SQL 2014 to new server, is this possible?

Many thanks!

The BEDB SQL instance will be

The BEDB SQL instance will be upgraded during the upgrade process and all your jobs and catalogs will be upgraded as well. You can move the BEDB to SQL 2014 after the upgrade, but do think about how you are going to recover the media server with a non-default BEDB location. It is not so straight forward as with the default location. BE 2014 does not support SQL 2014. You would need Be 15 for that