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BE and Symantec Antivirus - Recommended settings

Level 2

Needing clarification as to Symantec Backup Exec settings for Backup exec.

All I am finding in BE20.6 Admin and Best Practices guides are related to Dedupe devices...

- Exclude the deduplication disk storage device from your antivirus scans. If an antivirus scanner deletes or quarantines the files from the deduplication disk storage device, access to the deduplication disk storage device may be disabled

However, I have found two other sources with additional informaiton

- Article: 100041388 Last Published: 2017-12-22 stating
If any anti-virus software installed, make sure to exclude the Backup Exec processes and its installation directory

- VOX Community post from a Partner/VIP/Accredited (search for "backup exec with Symantec antivirus" who stated the following:

basically for all backupproducts and all antivirus products, the following should be applied:
- exclude all backup processes from antivirus (also deduplication processes if installed)
- exclude all backup storage locations from antivirus.
- exclude all backup processes on client-servers from antivirus scanning


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Please check this technote :

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