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BE duplication job

Schedule specified for 'D' task is invalid.PNGinstead of D iam getting incremental ....where i am trying to edit the backup job  duplicate options from most recent full to incremental submitting i am facing this the incremental job the backup size is 300-500mb and the duplicate is taking most recent full back up around 45gb...plz tel me how to edit back up job


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Re: BE duplication job


I have moved your comment in this post  to a new discussion.

Please share details of the steps that you have followed.

Re: BE duplication job

I encountered same issue before.

I have to recreate the job.

Re: BE duplication job

now i have to delete the existing job and recreate the back up job again....?

Re: BE duplication job

You don't have to delete the entire job.

You just have to recreate the job that shows in the warning message.