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BE not recognizing new LTO cleaning cassette in autoloader

Level 4

We recently upgraded BE on this Win2K3/SP2 server, from 11d to 12.0. It has an HP StorageWorks 1x8 autoloader with an LTO-3 tape drive.  I have its 8 slots partitioned into 8 separate partitions, and have had a cleaning cassette in slot/partition 6, with a weekly scheduled cleaning job.  It's been working fine.  Yesterday I got notifications that the cleaning cassette had expired.  I loaded a new LTO cleaning cassette in slot 6, and tried to inventory that slot, and to to run cleaning jobs. I get error messages from the cleaning jobs, "The cleaning media ... has expired" and "Clean Drive - The job failed with the following error: Library Error - attempt to clean a drive in a library with expired or bad cleaning media", the inventory job on slot 6 fails, and in Dev Mgr slot 6 still shows the serial number of the old cleaning cassette.  The job history for the failed cleaning job shows error 0xE0008234, with the same explanation.


I've been through several cleaning cassette replacements on this server before when it was 11d, with no problem.


Appreciate any suggestions.


Bob Peitzke

IT Manager

Colony Advisors, LLC


Level 4
I found the solution in article 271613.