BE problems with new tape drive

We run BE 9.1 rev 4691 on this Windows 2000/SP4 server. It's had a DAT-20/40 drive and had been working fine for a long time until the backups began to exceed the tape's capacity. I installed a new, hot-plug DAT72 drive, and it recognized it automatically. I got one good backup that night, but the next day it started getting 33152 errors in the app-log and sonysdx-VRTS 11 errors in the sys-log.

I tried to install the latest BE 9.1 device drivers, using the file from 273853, but it reported "The wizard was interrupted before VERITAS Windows ... device drivers could be completely installed ...". The app-log showed a corresponding info event, MsiInstaller 11708, "Product: VERITAS Device Driver Install -- Installation operation failed.".

I deleted the device in BE/Devices, and then couldn't get it to see it at all. There were no devices shown in Device Manager / Tape Drives. I removed/reinserted the drive, then it reappeared in Dev Mgr / Tape drives. But still it does not show in BE Devices.

Removable Storage / Physical Locations showed two obsolete drives, one the DAT 20-40. I deleted both. It does not show an entry for the new DAT-72 drive, even after replugging it.

I have installed SP4a for BE 9.1 (280008), but not yet rebooted the server - waiting for a window to do that. I plan to upgrade all firmwware on the server when I'm able to do that.

Is there anything I can do now (before upgrading/rebooting) to get BE to recognize this new tape drive again?


Bob Peitzke
Sr. IT Manager
Colony Advisors, LLC
Century City, CA, USA
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Re: BE problems with new tape drive

With the latest TAPEINST, tell BackupExec to remove all devices (including devices not physically present)

By preference, reboot, but it should work without the boot

Run TapeInst again

After it finishes, check the Windows Device Manager to verify that Windows sees it, then check the devices Tab, and it should be there also

Re: BE problems with new tape drive

Hi, Ken,

I tried this, a couple of times, but it still doesn't see the tape drive. But this was the tapeinst from BE 9.1, dated 10.7.2003, version 9.1.4691.0. I'm having trouble finding a newer tapeinst.

This tapeinst run reported, at the "Installing VERITAS drivers" phase, "Driver load failure 0x800F020B ... / The device instance does not exist in the hardware tree".

The tape doesn't show in Dev Mgr now. Before I'd been able to get it to reappear by pulling/replugging this hot-swappable tape drive, but this time it didn't. I'll try again & report.

Re: BE problems with new tape drive

This one is dated May 26 2005

Re: BE problems with new tape drive

I ran the device drivers install using the 273853 file, and it completed successfully, but still no tape drive in BE Devices. I reran tapeinst.exe, uninstalled all tape drivers; reran it again and installed Veritas drivers. It reported the lines below.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
Updating VERITAS inf file
Removing SCSI\SequentialHP______C7438A__________V601
Installing VERITAS "04mmdat.sys" for "SCSI\SequentialHP______C7438A__________V601"
Driver load failure 0x800F020B for SCSI\SequentialHP______C7438A__________V601
The device instance does not exist in the hardware tree.

Installation complete.
= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

Before running tapeinst, I saw the tape drive in Dev-Mgr, and it did show the Veritas driver - but BE Devices did not show it. Now I don't see the tape driver in DM, let alone in BE.

How can I get BE to recognize this tape drive (preferably without rebooting the server)?


Bob Peitzke

Re: BE problems with new tape drive


Please verify if you are getting event id's 7, 9, 11 or 15 in th event logs.


Re: BE problems with new tape drive


have you tried loading the manufacturer driver, and then telling TAPEINST to use the already loaded driver?

Re: BE problems with new tape drive

Friday I stopped all the BE services and installed & ran the HP L&TT, doing a read/write test on a scratch tape, which completed OK. The system event log showed three cpqcissm 11 errors, "The driver detected a controller error on \Device\Scsi\cpqcissm1". These correlated with the time I installed L&TT. An hour later it showed two CPQCISSE 24623 info events, logging my removal/reinsertion of the hot-plug tape drive. After that BE still did not see the tape drive, nor did it show in Dev Mgr, even after repeated HW scans.

This morning I restarted the BE services again, and lo & behold, BE Devices sees the tape drive! I started a backup job, and it's running OK. Dev Mgr still does not see the tape drive. I cannot explain this. Oh well, it's working.

Bob Peitzke