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BE v8.6 jobs fail

This just started happening.


The daily job always ran fine.

This week it started hanging.  Abort job in activity monitor, 'nothing'.  only way to get job aborted is to reboot.


Other interesting issues: cannot eject tape from drive using the eject button.

any way you want to create a backup job...  Local selections don't exist.  Can get this back by stopping/starting BE job engine and/or RPC locator.


It looks like the BE job engine service just stops midstream.  The local selections don't work when the job hangs.


It's like BE looses it's mind about the server it's running on.


I forgot to mention that the job first aborted while backing up the System State,   at least that's what the log sez.  The same day the 'C:' drive filled up....





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Re: BE v8.6 jobs fail

Some additional info that I've discovered.

After the job hangs, if I use the Backup Wizard, and select the 'C' drive I get the error msg, 'Null context handle was passed'. I've stopped and started the PRC servive. I've stopped and started the BE job engine.


Interesting thing as that these services are running. 


Error msg about tape drive being offline(it's not).

Cannot abort job, only restarting the server will clear the jon.


I can create a new job and the selection process works fine.


Anyone have ANY ideas???