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BE12. What do I need?

Level 2
We have been trialing Backupexec V12 for 40 Days. And are more than happy with the way it works with our Tape Loader DLT LTO Autoloader.
We are looking to purchase the software but need to ensure that we buy the right thing.
We have installed But do not need all of following options.
Advanced Open File Option
Desktop and Laptop Option
Remote Agent for Linux or Unix
Remote Agent for Macintosh Systems
Remote Agent for Windows Systems
Robotic Library Support
SBS - Desktop and Laptop Option (75 Workstation Licence)
We are backing up using User defined shares as we have data stores running WIndows XP Embedded which will not allow for install of Remote agent software.
BE12 backsup these user shares without any problem and also verifies.
We do not need the Remote Agent for Linux/Mac/Windows or SBS Desktop and Laptop Option at the moment.
My question is will the basic version of BE12 run these options for Robotic Library Support while backing up User Defined Shares?
Any help will be gratefully received.

Level 6

If the user defined shares are on a remote NAS box, then no remote agent is needed. If they are on a remote windows server, then by licensing agreements, you will need to purchase a remote agent for that remote server. From your post it sounds like installing a remote agent is not possible, so with that being said, BEWS 12 should be ok with just that media server license and any Library Expansion Option licenses you will need depending on how many drives you have in your autoloader.


Level 4

Level 2
Thanks Sandy and BigQ.
That info was helpful.
I tried to contact Symantec UK but got passed around a bit.
I will try them again to see what can do as we use the barcoding facility in our one tape drive during trial but the robotic library should be able to cope with it hopefully.
Thanks again for the information.