BE15 14.2 Catalog Error / ODBC access error

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I have Backup Exec 15 (v14.2) with Feature Pack 1 and Hotfix 232086 installed. I'm getting constant ODBC access errors - Event ID 34326 and 34338:

Backup Exec Alert: Catalog Error
(Server: "BE2012") ODBC access error. Possible lost connection to database or unsuccessful access to catalog index in the database. 

Access to catalog index (Catalog index database) failed.
Reason:  [Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][SQL Server]Violation of PRIMARY KEY constraint 'PK_CatDlmProcessedImage'. Cannot insert duplicate key in object 'dbo.CatDlmProcessedImage'. The duplicate key value is (BE2012). CCatRecordSet:Smiley Surprisedpen
{CALL CATDLM_New_GetExpirableMedia(?,?,?,?,?,?,?)}  

Access to catalog index (Catalog index database) failed.
Reason:  [Microsoft][ODBC Driver Manager] Function sequence error CCatRecordSet::GetRecordCount
{CALL CATDLM_New_GetExpirableMedia(?,?,?,?,?,?,?)}  


I tried to rebuild the catalog index with catrebuildindex -r , but it does not seems to help at all.

Do you have any solution / hotfix for these errors?



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I've read that this is fixed

I've read that this is fixed by BE 15 FP1, but if you're getting this error and a repair of the BEDB using beutility.exe doesn't work, then I would suggets logging a support call directly with Symantec over this.



I can't find that exact error

I can't find that exact error condition internally so you will probably need to log a formal support case as we may need to start digging into your BEDB and catalogs


Note the article posted by CraigV is not an exact match but might be related

A quick Q. Was

A quick Q. Was catrebuildindex -r run when the BE services were stopped ?

Re: BE15 14.2 Catalog Error / ODBC access error


I have same problem. Have worked with Veritas support for the last 2 weeks. No solution yet.

Installed FP3 yesterday. Did not make any difference !

You may have the issue

You may have the issue covered in



In which case as this is still being researched (and it looks like we are testing something with some other customers that depennding on results should lead to a fix) you should probably log a formal support case.

Re: BE15 14.2 Catalog Error / ODBC access error

hi Colin,

Veritas support has worked with us on the issu today.

So far it looks promising. Smiley Happy

Re: BE15 14.2 Catalog Error / ODBC access error


Any positive feedback from Veritas support in this issue?

We are experincing the same symptoms (odbc errors:maldives) and more such as:
a. viewing of job histories stuck in loading...
b. viewing of backup sets stuck in loading...
c. veritas quick assists found database schema mismatch.
d. database repair ended with errors.
e. checked FP3 install logs but no errors during the BEMIG.

We have logged also a formal case with support. Hoping that they can resolve this quickly.

Thank you very much,

Re: BE15 14.2 Catalog Error / ODBC access error

I'm having the same issue with FP3.  Catrebuild -r doesn't work.  I'm hoping not to have to do a catalog rename.

You need to clear all the

You need to clear all the Error alerts by using Backup Exec Management Command Line Interface. I had the same problem, it took a long time for Backup Exec to show the GUI and after it opened I saw about 65.000 alerts. You can't delete all the alerts from the GUI, you need to do that with BEMCLI, because the GUI cannot delete all the items at once, the BEMCLI can!


When BEMCLI is running you will notice in the GUI that the amount of alerts will go down, when it shows 0 it's finished.

It takes some time before the alerts are deleted, after that, if you close Backup Exec GUI and start it again it is possible that you still have a slow GUI and more than 65000 alerts. Then you have to do the BEMCLI command again, and maybe again and again. In my situation I had to do it 15-20 times!