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BE15 compatibility with BE 21

Level 4

Hi all
My client have BE 3600 R4 appliances with BE15 but it starts the decommision of this devices.

Before it decommised the appliance, I need to implement a new BE console over a physical server with Windows Server 2012. 

My question is, it is possible to implement the new console with BE 21 and restore de backup images created with the BE 15 software on teh appliances?

Thanks for your support.



Hi Antonio

Have a look at the info and links in the following section at the bottom of this article:
"Backup Exec 3600 – Data Migration"

Hi RogRubin

Thanks for the detailed information.
I have another question. Our stage is the next one:

We have 10 BE Appliances 3600 R4 with BE15 and each with 3 servers clients.
The long retention backups for the 30 servers clients are duplicated on tape and the plan is than in the new console (Windows 2012 physical server with BE20 or BE21) make an Inventory & Catalog for all the tapes and make restore test for the 30 clients.

That is possible?

Thans in advance.

Best regards

Hi Antonio

Yes this is possible.
However I would like to point out that you have to clarify what sort of data is on these tapes beforehand.
Ensure that the data and applications are still supported with the latest version of BE or is supported by the OS or application itself if you have updated not just the BE server but the environment itself too.